1. General information

a) „MARGARET – In My Cabana” is the official, multi – platform MARGARET application which gives you an access to the latest news about MARGARET and it allows you all get to know and interact with each other (the “Application”). The Application features provides you with:

- latest news and inmation about MARGARET,

- chat, where we can talk with MARGARET and other Users as well as send a private messages,

- information about concerts - with the location of the concert marked on the map, along with the location of other fans going to the concert,

- photo galleries from MARGARET’S concerts, where you can also add your own photographs,

- karaoke,

- MARGARET’S music videos,

- possibility to buy MARGARET’S albums.

b) This Privacy Policy defines the rules of personal data processing of Users of the Application (i.e. what data will be collected and how it will be used).

  1. The Application Owner

a) The Application is owned by “Artistars” Sławomir Berdowski with its registered office at Garbary 18/4, 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp., Poland, holding the REGON (National Official Business Register) number: 210500220 (the “Owner”). You may contact the Owner via its website –

  1. Personal data

a) By installing the Application on your device you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy, understood its provision, and agree to be bound by them, in particular you agree to process your personal data to the extent specified in point b) – d) below. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Polis you shall not use the Application and delete it from your device.

b) By installing the Application on your device you accept and agree that the following personally identifiable information (personal data) may be processed by the Owner: date and time of the last registration of your device in the system notification, device’s token, IP address of the device you use to register in the system notification.

c) Some of the functionalities of the Application are available only after you log in through your Facebook account. You may be asked to give the access to your Facebook profile and contacts’ lists. With respect to your Facebook profile and contacts’ lists as well as other information, the Owner may have the access to personal data such as: name (surname), phone number, e-mail address identification of the Facebook profile, IP address. The Owner may also have the access to information including profile name, profile photos, e-mail address, birthday date, status, notes, comments. With your permission, the Owner may also have the access other personal information on your device, such as your phone book, calendar or messages.

d) The Application may determine your precise geographic location, if you give the permission to do so. This information regarding your location may be shared only with others Users of the Application.

e) The Administrator does not transfer, sell, nor does it lend your personal data to third parties, unless the binding regulation or decision demands to disclose your Personal data.

  1. Cookies

a) The mechanism of functioning of the Application uses cookie files in order to identify Users of the Application (it means that certain information are saved to your devices and this information may be read by internet server each time your device is being used).

b) The Application may use the Cookies and Logs in order to improve quality and design of the Application and track your use of the Application or generate statistics regarding the Application.

c) The Users of the Application may block and remove the Application cookies through a browser and/or operating system, but this may impair and hinder the Application functionality and availability.

  1. Personal data storage and security

a) Personal data provided by the Users of the Application directly to the Owner are store and process in accordance with the scope of granted consent, referred to in clause 3 point b) - d) above, and with pursuant to polish law, especially with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal data protection. The Owner take reasonable steps to secure Users’ personally identifiable information according to abovementioned regulation.

a) Disclosure of your personal data is voluntary. However refusal of disclosing personal data may result in inability to use essential features of the Application.

b) Users shall have the unlimited right to access their personal data and to correct them.

  1. Final provisions

b) This Privacy Policy is valid and available on

c) This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time at Owner’s sole discretion. If the Owner make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, it will place a distinguished notice via the Application.